We Save Money.

“I know that healthy employees translate into lower premiums but not all companies care enough to do anything about it. I appreciate my employer for caring enough about us to offer this program.” –True Health member

True leaders seize opportunities that others don’t see. Lead your organization to a new level of performance with a high impact investment in the health of your business and your people today.

Organizations who implement our wellness programs give the gift of True Health to the people who matter the most to them. Preventing and reversing chronic disease helps avoid the catastrophic events that can change a family forever and drive health plan expenses for many years.

Employer Wellness Program Information

Finance and health insurance experts understand that 20% of members drive 80% of costs, 5% generate 50% of total cost and the highest 1% of claimants commonly account for more than 30% of costs in any given year.

At Karelia Health, we identify those most likely to be among next year’s high cost claimants and help them prevent the critical conditions that are on the immediate horizon.

How do you measure success? We measure success in just one way: our ability to help at-risk people change their lives for good. It saves lives, and it saves money.

Join us on the True Health journey today. For more information, contact John Carew, President at john.carew@kareliahealth.com.

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