We Get Results

Leading benefit experts know that there are no shortcuts. When your best clients continuously challenge you to find real solutions, it’s time to show them the way to True Health.

Our business model is simple: We find the individuals who are most likely to be next year’s large claimants, and we help them to change their life for the better—quickly and permanently.

Almost all high risk patients have a physician who encourages them to “eat better and exercise more.” But that discussion usually lasts only 15 seconds, and the patient rarely changes their behavior. This 15-second discussion is failing your employees and in turn, your bottom line.

At Karelia we succeed because we spend 12 to 15 hours—not seconds—training high risk employees to make immediate, aggressive and permanent health changes that prevent and reverse the progression of their diseases. Our clients measure their ROI based on the impact the program has on healthcare expenses—and they are seeing dramatic reductions in expenses across the board, in some cases with documented cost reductions of more than 10%.

What’s in it for you? Gratitude, for one thing—and stronger relationships with your clients. By meeting the steep challenges posed by your best customers, you earn respect, loyalty and gratitude by dramatically impacting the bottom line and by helping change the lives of those who need it the most

Amazing? Not to us. We believe in the power and potential of the people we serve, and it’s our mission to help eliminate chronic disease for the people who need it most.

Join us on the True Health journey today. For more information, contact John Carew, President at john.carew@kareliahealth.com.