Our job is simple, really. Saving lives, saving money. That's what we do.

Who we serve are the people and organizations looking for a better way to control healthcare costs: businesses and non-profits and cities and towns and states and health plans who have seen the impact of chronic disease on their people and on their healthcare expenses, and know there is a better way. The people we serve directly are those employees and family members who have, or are at high risk for chronic disease. These are the very people our customers rely on to make their organizations run, and the same people who—unfortunately—are most likely to experience the expensive and life changing medical procedures that come with a lifetime of chronic disease.

We invite you to meet the people we serve, and understand how Karelia’s wellness at work programs can help your organization—and your people—experience the gift of True Health.

The impact that Karelia’s True Health Program has is undeniable. Learn more>>