Karēlia Health is committed to fostering an environment of diversity, inclusion and cultural competence, where all employees are appreciated, fully engaged and motivated in achieving our mission to improve the health of the people we serve every day, with quality and compassion. We are committed to being inclusive of everyone — patients, their families and visitors, vendors and employees.

At Karēlia Health, we understand that diversity and inclusion are not strategies or nice things to think about—they’re a business imperative and a way of life. We value and embrace the wealth of diversity reflected in our patients, employees, and the communities we serve. Thanks to these partnerships, we are a stronger, more compassionate and more innovative organization.

We, at Karēlia, are committed to supporting other minority businesses, in CT and across the United States.  The State of Connecticut administers a supplier diversity program through the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), to which small business enterprises (SBE) and minority business enterprises (MBE) located in Connecticut must apply if they wish to be certified.  Karēlia uses a DAS-SBE/MBE certified business when seeking subcontracting agreements with small  and minority owned businesses in Connecticut. We employ the same process, using DAS published certified business listings, when seeking subcontracting agreements with DAS-SBE/MBE certified businesses across the country.

We are committed to continually cultivating an environment of cultural competence and inclusiveness, allowing us to better understand and respond to the health needs of our clients. When you have a culture that acknowledges and engages everyone, the opportunities for personal growth and organizational effectiveness are limitless.

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