Karēlia Health's foundation runs deep and strong.

Our history dates to the 1980s and the groundbreaking work of Health Navigators. Health Navigators was formed in part to deliver on a CDC grant provided to the Georgia Cardiovascular Health Initiative, whose mission was to work with employers to promote good health in the workplace.

We have been able to document and improve upon the extraordinary results of our risk reduction programs, while establishing an operational framework to:

  • Build a sustainable and scalable service model to ensure a flawless experience for our customers;
  • Establish a culture, process and commitment to deliver continuously improving clinical and operational results;
  • Expand service offerings to address individuals at risk for diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and related disease states;
  • Provide deeper resources and ongoing support to help participants make a lifelong commitment to true health.

Karēlia Health was born because we are inspired every day by the life-changing success of our participants, and we are driven to make a difference for the tens of millions of Americans who are afflicted by the epidemic of obesity and chronic diseases. These conditions are preventable and reversible, and we have the opportunity to make a real difference for millions of people who need our help.

Join us today on our journey to True Health. For more information, email John Carew, President at john.carew@kareliahealth.com or click the button below to fill out our Contact Us form.