As a business, we have established operating guidelines to help fulfill our commitment to be person-centered in all aspects:

Lives Changed/ Lives Saved

We are committed to leave everyone we touch and everywhere we go a little better than it was before we arrived by providing an experience and results that change lives for the better and for good.

Safety, Privacy and Security

We recognize that in order to establish and maintain our role as trusted corporate healthcare professionals, we must implement and maintain strong systems and protocols to protect patient confidentiality, safety, security and privacy

Trustworthy and Compassionate People

Our program outcomes are based on the strength of the relationships that our people create with our members. We commit to building the strongest team possible through disciplined recruitment, training and management to ensure that we build high quality, trustworthy connections with the people we serve.

Life-changing Member Experience

We must provide a truly exceptional experience for our members at every touch point—from initial program communications, to registration events, screening check-ins, blood draws, coaching, classes and follow-up coaching and support.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

We are a learning organization, and we recognize that there is always room to improve our culture and operational processes to improve the experience for all of the people we serve.


We seek to create life-long change for the better, and we are committed to supporting our members throughout their life to ensure that improvements achieved in our initial encounters lead to a life-long commitment to True Health.

Simplicity and Authenticity

We are people serving people, and we work hard to create a transparent and open culture where we practice what we preach and we communicate with our customers simply, directly and honestly.