Where the 15 second visit with their physician is failing your employees and in turn, your bottom line—we succeed.

Client after client we deliver lasting health results like no other program can. To date, participants in the True Health Program have experienced life-changing results, with reductions in total cholesterol averaging between 14% and 22% after just 8 weeks. Blood pressure, blood sugar and HA1C have followed similar patterns. Amazing? Not to us—we see it as the norm.

Although we measure our program success based on the improvements of lab results, our clients measure their ROI based on the impact the program has on healthcare expenses—and they are seeing dramatic reductions in expense across the board, in some cases with documented cost reductions of more than 10%.
Most impressively, our longest running study documents that 88% of program participants have remained at reduced risk levels after more than four years. So while we say there is no quick fix—wouldn’t you want the long-term solution that delivers sustainable results anyway?

Learn How To Achieve Positive Wellness Program Results

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