Our Members Say...

I was awakened to the realization my family only has one Mom, one Wife and one Daughter. I knew that I had to do this for myself versus doing it for everyone else!”

“The nutritional education and approach of our exceptional instructor, who shared several ways to change our eating habits with recipes and portion control, was exactly what I needed.”

My eating habits have completely changed which has resulted in my 25lb. weight loss since my classes began…My confidence continues to build as my dress size decreases and the expressions of pride in my success from my family, friends and doctors increase.”

“I was aware before the tests that I was at risk. Initially I wasn’t interested in taking the health classes, but deep down I knew I needed it. I learned new, interesting things and it turned out to be fun. It was beneficial learning how to cook healthier too.”

“The health classes made me stop and look at myself. I had to revisit what I learned before. It was important for me to stay on track with my eating habits. Now, I am actively more conscious of what I do, what I eat, and how I prepare it.”

At first, I thought I would attend the health classes just so I could get the incentive.  My husband and I were not particularly interested in a healthy lifestyle.  We love food and were pretty sedentary.  I was pleasantly surprised that I lost weight, improved my cholesterol numbers and got healthier.”

“I know that healthy employees translate into lower premiums but not all companies care enough to do anything about it.  I appreciate my employer for caring enough about us to offer this program.

The classes were well organized, highly informational and our instructor was very sympathetic to our cause. Since the classes, we have introduced healthier foods in our diet like steamed carrots and nuts.”

We don’t eat fried foods any more.  We set up an elliptical machine and weights for both of us to work out on.  We both drink a lot of water and are as active as we can be given the demands of our jobs.”

It means so much that my employer values my health and making my life easier. I have brought back what I learned to my family, it makes dealing with insurance and doctors easier, and I feel a closer connection to my co-workers.”

“I really enjoyed that we were divided into small classes and met once a week. Our nutritionist kept us highly motivated. She was non-judgmental, real, and had open communication with us. She geared lessons towards what was really going on in our lives such as being on the run, having kids, and the holidays making being healthy relatable and a possible reality.”

I benefited a lot from learning how to substitute non-healthy to healthier options rather than just giving something up all together. It made being health conscious easier to maintain.”

“It’s awesome that our company did this for us. Now we know that that they really do care for us. It’s not only giving back to our organization by saving health care premium costs, but giving back to our employees and to our families—really enriching our lives.”

Your employees could be saying the same thing! Bring them the Gift of True Health. Email John Carew, President at john.carew@kareliahealth.com to learn more about how to engage in our programs.