What makes us different is our ability to produce life-changing results across the workforce.

My eating habits have completely changed which has resulted in my 25lb. weight loss since my classes began… My confidence continues to build as my dress size decreases and the expressions of pride in my success from my family, friends and doctors increase.” –True Health member

Individuals in the Karēlia True Health Program have experienced life-changing health results, with reductions in total cholesterol averaging between 14% and 22% after just 8 weeks. Blood pressure, blood sugar and HA1C have followed similar patterns. Most impressively, our longest running study documents that 88% of program participants have remained at reduced risk levels after more than four years.

Our business strategy brings the evidence-based protocols practiced by the top physicians in the country to the worksite, to engage directly and deeply with high and emerging risk patients in an environment that motivates, supports and encourages aggressive lifestyle changes.

Our work is guided by the science behind some of the most widely-accepted medical studies in the literature, and our core philosophy originates from the field of preventive cardiology, long promoted by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Our work also follows:

Our programs follow an evidence-based medical model supporting aggressive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) that is promoted by the top primary care and preventive cardiologists in the country.

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