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"When I first heard about the Karelia screening process, I was actually pretty excited?the timing couldn't have been more perfect."
- Bob Jendza, True Health Program Member

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"I would recommend the Karelia program to any company who has a concern about their overall employees' health."
- Dennis Chalk, Engineered Wire & Cable Sector President

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Helping the most at-risk employees.
Obesity and heart disease are two of the biggest killers in America, and one of the primary drivers of healthcare costs. Coronary heart disease kills more than 380,000 people annually and costs the U.S. about $108.9 billion a year in services, medications and lost productivity. If your wellness programs for employees aren’t effectively addressing these comorbidities, or if participation in those programs is so low that makes their impact insignificant, then your wellness programs simply are not going to work.


We save lives.

With all that you do to balance work and family, your health is often at the bottom of the list. We help our members to make a lifelong commitment to improving their health.

We save money.

True leaders seize opportunities that others don't see. Lead your organization to a new level of performance with a high impact investment in the health of your business and your people today.

We get results.

Leading benefit experts know that there are no shortcuts. When your best clients continuously challenge you to find real solutions, it?s time to show them the way to True Health.